Top 10 Instagram Shops in Nigeria

Festive season has come, and is still in the air. Some clothes were bought then and some are to be, either for the sake of the new year or in preparations for the valentine fever coming, either cause its past rush season or cause you just got alert.

Instagram shopping must have had its biggest this season, it new, it’s often tempting as all year round these Instagram stores posted one mouth-watering item or the other, its convenient cause most of them deliver, and most of all they are usually credible as they usually have loads of followers, who comment and post images of themselves in whatever they had bought.

So here is a list of top Instagram stores you could do your new year shopping with:

  •– maybe its cause its GTB or they just have fabulous offers this Instagram shop tops my list. sme
  • Jumiafashion- Jumia has been able to make their Instagram page quite personal, you can almost connect to them, and get your favorite shoes. It’s just like buying from your friend’s friend and you can vouch its real.jumia
  • Chiccoutureonline– I keep hearing about this Instagram store, and  have stopped by her page. Temptation after temptation, love it, had to keep reminding myself I was there for research.chicc
  • Swisscollections- I promise i am not being bias, even though one of my favorite dress was from Swisscollections. I like her style, and she clearly stays on top of whatever is trending or vintage, and she drops some girl power quotes, you just have to
  • Viewskitstore- From stunning designer sunshades, to bags for both classy men and ladies, to flashy phone cases, to designer men shoes, all eye-catching. Classy, trend setting, edgy, I would definitely advise every guy I know to follow @viewskitstore for fashion 10 instagram shops in nigeria, affordable nigerian instagram shops to shop at
  • Debrasgrace- Sadly not much contact info is on the store on their Instagram page, asides from landline numbers and their address, I hope they can deliver those lovely dresses if I like them. I kept hearing a lot about how lovely their clothes are, and I most confirm they are lovely. debra
  • High-fashion-closet- I stumbled on this Instagram page from another Instagram page and it somehow made my top ten list. I am sure I will go back to get something special for myself, can’t 10 instagram shops in nigeria, affordable nigerian instagram shops to shop at
  • Shopperspace_beutik-I have to say, shoes and bags to die for. Definitely a shop to stop by. top 10 instagram shops in nigeria, affordable nigerian instagram shops to shop at
  • Lushfairy– Great sense of style, I would definitely shop here for my casual attire and others, loving those 10 instagram shops in nigeria, affordable nigerian instagram shops to shop at
  • Tiwahscouture- Tiwah’s hair pieces always have me thirsting, plus they are affordable, definitely on my top ten 10 instagram shops in nigeria, affordable nigerian instagram shops to shop at

It took so long for me to really make up my mind, finally i just decided to go for those i have got from, know someone who has or at the least have images of their clients in cloths from their stores.

What do you think? Feel free to add more to my list if you feel I left any out.

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17 Responses to Top 10 Instagram Shops in Nigeria

  1. Mos Mos says:

    Debra’s Grace and Tiwahs Couture!! ??????

  2. chimdi nwokedi says:

    i want

  3. Aworinde says:

    I want oooooo…. please .

  4. Amewie says:

    I want!

  5. Mr.Views says:

    Its an honor….
    From the HouseOfViews, we say thank you to all our customers who have supported us. #ExpectBetterServicesIn2016.


  6. Dhp says:

    Seen ur IG its tight, kudos bros

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  8. IfyMajestic says:

    Nice write up. But on the contrary some of these onlineshops on instagrams are scams. I ran into one named rose_petals, after I made deposit of N12000 in her account, she never called or chatted me on instagram and whatsapp. I have proof of the payment and chats discussion with her. What must I do?

  9. Barbie says:

    Are you aware that some of the accounts you listed are established SCAMMERS?

  10. Nnenna Deji-Lana says:

    You should check out @shopfromgreatlady the customer service is top notch

  11. Ogonna says:

    I want!

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