About Oreime


From modeling to lifestyle to pageants with everything in between.

Crowned royalty.

listen to Oreime crowned royalty about Oreime.com

..sing O rei me crowned royalty

Oreime like the solfa notes do rei me, singing to royalty, what every royalty should hear.

Join the league of supermodels and beauty queens, know who the latest royalty is and when opportunities come up to be crowned.

Get tips and advise that could help you become the next big supermodel. Telling you everything from modeling jobs in Nigeria, to fashion, to beauty and lifestyle, to pageants across Africa and the Caribbeans, with everything in between.

Best of all there are freebies all around, loads to be won because everyone here is a winner.

Join the community of supermodels, of crowned Queens and Kings shooting for the stars.

Read through Oreime.com, share with it, share on it and share some of it.

So when the time for a coronation is fixed.


Trust Oreime and all to attend and duly applaud.



10th Nov 2015

30th Jan 2016.

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